Gender and Spatial Design Studies and Research

Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar

Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar, Principal, Pillai College of Architecture, New Panvel is an accomplished academician who has graduated in 1990 from Mumbai University and entered into this noble profession of teaching in 1992, around 27 years.

She has been since accentuating her career graph by continuously upgrading herself by acquiring her masters degree in town planning and then her Doctorate in Architecture both from Pune University. Her doctoral research is on the topic of Gender Appropriate Outdoor Public Leisure Spaces: Case of Mumbai”. Her research interests are Gender studies, Social Sciences, Leisure Studies, Spatial Design, Urban Villages and Peri-urban Development.

Her work in the field of research is considerable. Her 18 research papers have been published in various international and national journals and in conference publications as well. She has also received a best research paper award for her research paper “Addressing Gender Gap in Playgrounds: An Exploratory Study”.

She is a member, Board of Studies in Pune University and also an advisor as an academician at LT college of architecture and an autonomous institute PCACS.

She has been invited at various national conferences and workshops as an expert speaker.

Apart from academics, she is a flautist – solo performer, Sangeet Alankar, masters degree in flute playing – Indian classical music.

About is a website dedicated to the research in inclusive spatial design. Gender is one of the major components of inclusive design which is needed to be taken into consideration in Architecture, urban design, landscape planning, and urban planning. The opinions, experiences, and suggestions are always welcome.


Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar had various publications in the peer-reviewed journals, conference publications, etc. dedicated to gender studies in spatial design. She worked with her co-authors on the field to understand the special needs of women or the community towards equal access in public spaces as well as the built environment.


Access to all publications by us in the peer-reviewed journals, conference publications, etc. dedicated to gender studies in the spatial design is provided here. Due to some technical reasons, if the full paper is not available on this website, you may request to the author and we will mail you the document.

Gender and Spatial Design

Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar

Principal, Pillai College of Architecture, New Panvel, India 410206